Orienteering and Basic Survival Course

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Date(s) - 27/05/2018 - 28/05/2018
08:30 - 16:30

216-1000 Islands Parkway, Gananoque

216-1000 Islands Parkway, Gananoque, ON

Day 1 – Classroom Instruction

Basic Survival Skills – Packing a good survival kit, Building an emergency shelter, Basic Rope and Knot skills.

Map and Compass – Learn how to navigate using a topographical map and compass, take bearings – predetermined and undetermined. When you are finished we want you to feel comfortable determining a direction of travel on a map and getting yourself to that point.  Understand the obstacles you will have to deal with on your route and how to maneuver around them.

Tally Count – Learn to measure distance with your pace count.

Basic GPS Skills – There are many different brands of GPS but we will teach you the basics on one and provide you with some hands on experience. From there you will have some idea of what you are looking for if you should want to purchase

Day 2 – Practical Field Instruction

On the second day we will take all we have learned in the class out into the field. You will get the opportunity to:

  •  Build a shelter
  • Start a fire with flint
  • Calculate your personal tally count on open ground and in the woods
  • Practice your compass skills
  • Work with a GPS in the field

Some of the equipment will be provided for the course, but if you have your own (compass, GPS) we encourage you to bring it. Since there are many different manufacturers we cannot be the expert on all of them, but we will do our best to help you with what you have.

To register:  

  1. Use the booking form below to reserve your spot.
  2. Then click on the PayPal link on our web site and scroll down to select the Orienteering and Basic Survival Course.  Payments can be made by Credit Card or Paypal.

Your registration is not confirmed until your payment has been received.  Space is limited and we will update the web site when the course is full.


Please let us know in the comment field if you have any physical limitations that may restrict your ability to train. We can attempt to work around any limitations you may have.


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