The team  meets for scheduled training.  Additional training is arranged as required and available. Team members are encouraged to practice the skills they have learned to become comfortable and proficient with them.

To become a part of the team members must…..

  • Be a minimum of 18 years of age
  • Attend an information session or interview with either the group or individually with the president or appointed member of the executive. A standardized questionnaire shall be used for this in order to insure consistency.  TIGSAR reserves the right to refuse membership.
  • Complete a team application
  • Sign a Liability waiver
  • Attend a minimum of 60 % of the training
  • Assist others with their training
  • Be supportive and understanding that we are all at different stages of our training, arrogance and attitude will not be tolerated.
  • Pay a membership fee for each division of the team you train with. This fee will be determined and voted on by the executive.  (See Membership Dues for rates and due dates)
  • Check with your doctor before beginning to ensure you are fit enough to carry out the duties of a searcher.
  • Must have a minimum of current First Aid/CPR Certificate a copy of which to be held in team files- this is an OSARVA rule and you are to have it in place before you can go out on deployment.
  • Current criminal check prior to deployment on any search-also must have copy on file. This is also an OSARVA rule.
  • Must have completed their Basic Searchers Certification prior to deployment.
  • New applicants are considered probationary team members for one year from the date that their application is accepted. If after one year they have not completed the basic certification their names will be presented to the executive for review.
  • Within three months of accepted application have orange reflective clothing.
  • Within six months all probationary members are expected to obtain the necessary items for a complete 24 hour pack
  • Within one year all applicants are expected to obtain the necessary equipment and items for a 72 hour pack
  • All members are required to bring their 24 hour pack and come appropriately dressed to all training exercises. No Jeans and wearing PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) as well as team reflective orange apparel.
  • If at any time there is a personality conflict or the actions of a team member are inappropriate as a TIGSAR  representative, their membership may be revoked by a majority vote of the executive. This also holds true of an executive member.

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