If you are interested in volunteering please contact us at tigsar@live.ca.

Here are some things to consider:

1. Confidentiality is a MUST! Can you keep a secret?

2. Do you have a criminal record? You need a Vulnerable Persons Sector check.

3. Do you like the outdoors? Our training takes place in all types of weather (rain, snow, heat) and covers all types of terrain (thick brush, swamp, rocky hills).

4. Are you a team player? Our team includes many wonderful people and we want new members who will work at keeping a positive environment.

5. Are you financially able to participate? There are purchases of personal survival equipment that are mandatory for operations.

6. Are you physically fit and healthy? Our training and missions require a lot of hard hikes and our team’s safety is paramount.

7. Do you have the time? Call outs can happen any time (even if you are at work) and we need members who can respond at a moment’s notice. Our training is extensive and is essential to certification. Training for Ground SAR is once a month, twice more if you wish to be a K9 Handler.

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