Adventure Smart and Hug-A-Tree 2013

IMG_6123Our hopes were to have covered as many of the area schools and any other opportunities that came available before children set off on their summer vacations with their families. We feel that if sharing this important information with children of all ages saves even one then it has been worth it. Be prepared before you head out, tell someone where you are going and when you will be back, stay in one place, keep warm and dry and signal to those who are searching for you. These practical steps can save your life.

In addition we remind children of the importance of a secret word or phrase that only the family knows and share with them some safety tips around animals, dogs in particular but not to be afraid if a dog is among the searchers coming to find you if you become lost.

Since March 1st of this year to this Thursday June 20th, our team will have given 35 presentations totaling over 120 volunteer hours dedicated to this program alone . These presentations have taken place at, St. Joseph’s , Joyceville,  Elginburg, Kingston Christian and Montessori School, and now Linklater. We were able to go to Ties School and 1000 Islands Nursery School in November.  In addition we gave the presentation to the Prescott Cubs, Brockville Cadets, Kingston Centre Cub Pack, 1st Fort Henry Sparks and Brownies Gananoque Sparks and Brownies, Brighton/Trenton Sparks and Brownie Camp. This means that with our programs last fall and the ones this spring approximately 1765 children are better prepared to safely enjoy their summer adventures.

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